1.9 Quiz

  1. You should expect to feel frustrated and for separation to take time.
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  3. Starting a court case means you’re likely to go to trial.
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  5. What are the benefits of reaching an agreement vs. going to court?
    You have more control
    You have privacy
    Potentially cheaper
    All of the above
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  7. When should you try to work it out instead of going to court?
    There’s a history of violence
    It’s urgent
    You and your spouse are able to communicate with each other
    Your spouse is threatening to leave the country with the kids.
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  9. Lawyers can help by:
    Providing legal advice
    Helping you negotiate an agreement
    Assisting on one aspect of your case
    Representing you at trial
    All of the above
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  11. How can parenting coordinators help you?
    Help you divide your property
    Fill out court forms for you
    Help you resolve conflicts about your parenting agreement
    Give you legal advice
    All of the above
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  13. Which of these are ways to take care of yourself?
    Assess the opportunity to settle
    Have a support network
    Eat a well-balanced diet
    Set time aside for yourself
    All of the above
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1.9 Quiz