11.2 Court Order Checklist


The following is a description of the information that is included in family law orders.


Child Support and Spousal Support

A support order will include:

The names of who will pay and who will receive support
The names and birthdates of the children for whom support is paid (for child support)
The amount to be paid, whether it is being paid in installments, and the commencement date
The legislation under which the order is made 
Each party's guideline income, any extraordinary expenses (pursuant to s. 7 of the child support guidelines), and the parties' proportionate share of the extraordinary expenses, and how those expenses are to be paid (for child support)
The reason for the hardship and the assessed amount to be paid if the guideline amount of child support is found to cause the payor undue hardship 
Whether the order is final or interim
Whether the order is a variation of a previous order and what is being varied
Any terms providing for a review or termination after a specific period 


Parenting Arrangements

An order for the care of and time with children will include: 

The complete name and date of birth of each child 
The name of the party (or parties) who are guardians of the child(ren)
Allocation of parenting responsibilities
A schedule of parenting time (for guardians) or contact with the children (for non-guardians)
An order for the care of and time with children may also include terms such as:
  • whether the transfer of the child(ren) or the contact itself is supervised
  • that a person not remove a child from a specified geographical area
  • that a needs of a child assessment be prepared
  • the means for resolving future disputes respecting an Order made by the Court, including parenting coordination


Property Division

An order for the division of family property and family debt will include: 

A detailed description in the order or in a schedule to the order, of each item of property (personal and real property) and debt, its value, location, and how it is to be divided or allocated 
A declaration of the apportionment of the family property and family debt between the parties 
A description as to the timing and any specifics regarding any sale or transfer of property 
If applicable, a reference to the registrar for an accounting of family property and family debt 




11.2 Court Order Checklist