Chapter 7


  1. If you don’t know what a word in the Family Law Act means what should you do first?
    Look up the definition under the definition section in Part 1
    Google the term
    Ask the court registry
    Look it up in the Divorce Act
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  3. Previous decisions by judges make up what part of the law?
    Legislative law
    Case law
    Judgement law
    Not part of the law
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  5. When choosing the right case to use what should you look at first?
    The date of the case
    The court that decided the case
    The outcome of the case matches the one you want
    The name of the judge in that case
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  7. Smith v. Jones [1990] 2 SCR 300, SCC: what does Smith v. Jones mean?
    The last name of the 2 parties in the case
    The full name of the applicant
    The full name of the respondent
    The last names of the lawyers involved
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  9. Which of these is considered documentary evidence?
    A written letter
    A picture
    A video
    All of the above
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  11. If I want the judge to grant me the value of half the house what should I use as evidence?
    The value assessment report on the house
    The e-mail my spouse sent about his refusal to pick the kids up
    Receipts for the children’s soccer camp
    A letter of recommendation from my employer
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  13. All witnesses can give their opinions as evidence.
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