9.7 Family Management Conference Worksheet


To make sure you are prepared, and can present well at your FMC, fill in this worksheet. This will help you get better results at an FMC and possibly help settle some, or all, of your case. Use your ‘Building Your Case Worksheet’ to fill in the reasons for the orders you seek.

I am the
Dates of marriage/start of relationship
Date of separation
Children with ages

Short Summary of situation and history:

The background of your relationship, parenting arrangements, support arrangements, etc. Where the parties (and children if any) lived. What was each parties’ role in the relationship and with parenting?

What are the current arrangements (parentins, support, living etc.)? What is working and what is not?

What orders do you want and why? For example, what parenting time schedule do you think would be best for the children and why? What child/spousal support order is appropriate ( be sure to know how much you earn and how much you think the other party earns)? Talk to duty counsel or a private lawyer if you can about what orders you want and whether they are reasonable.


Have you or your family experienced any family violence? Learn about the different types of faily violence here Abuse & Family Violence 


9.7 Family Management Conference Worksheet