9.12 Attend Trial

Finally, you have your day in court. Your trial might be half a day or multiple days, depending on how complex the issues are and how many witnesses will be present. The trial is where you will be able to present your full case and provide evidence to support it. 

If you did not have a trial preparation conference, you will need to file a Trial readiness statement (Form 22) at least 30 days before the start of your trial.

Steps at a trial:

  1. The applicant, (the person who brought the application), gives an opening statement, summarizing their position.
  2. The respondent, (the person replying to the application), then summarizes their position in an opening statement if asked by the judge to do so. 
  3. The applicant presents their case and questions their witnesses
  4. The respondent presents their case and questions their witnesses
  5. The applicant and the respondent makes closing statements 
  6. The judge makes a decision

How to prepare and present at trial are discussed in Chapter 10.