9.19 Attending a Judicial Settlement Conference (JSC)

A judicial settlement conference (JSC) is like a Judicial Case Conference. It is a conference held before a judge or master who must, in private and without hearing witnesses, explore all possibilities of settlement of the issues that are outstanding.

The judge will be able to give opinions and recommendations on how your issues can be resolved. Whatever is said during the JSC can’t be used later against you or your former spouse, so be sure to explore different ideas for settling. Talking about settlement isn’t going to hurt your case. 

Be respectful to the judge and your former spouse. If you are missing relevant information from your former spouse this would be a good time to request it or find out why it hasn’t been disclosed.

To prepare for a JSC, follow the same steps as if you were preparing for a JCC. The key will be to stay open to all possibilities of settlement and calmly explore each option presented at the JSC. Fill out the JSC worksheet to prepare for your conference.